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    Pikmin 3 release date confirmed, new screens

    Pikmin 3 is scheduled to release in Europe on July 26 and in North America on August 4.

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    Beauty Shots for European Survival and Collector’s Editions Revealed!

    As promised, here are the final images for the previously announced European Survival and Collector’s Editions of Tomb Raider, hitting retail March 5, 2013. We’ve also included a content refresher below.

    Survival Edition

    • Art Book: A 32-page mini art book compiled by Tomb Raider Art Director Brian Horton, depicting Lara’s epic adventure through original concept art. 
    • 15” x 19” Double Sided Island Map and Poster: Discover key landmarks from the mysterious island of Yamati, where Lara Croft and her fellow castaways were marooned after the Endurance shipwreck. On the reverse is a poster size image of the box art that epitomizes Lara’s origin story.
    • Waterproof Survival Pouch: A waterproof re-sealable adventure pouch for storing key items you’ll need to protect when fighting off scavengers on the island. 
    • CD Soundtrack: Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack ‘Survivalist cut’: A collection of 10 tracks totaling over 60 minutes of music from the game.
    • Downloadable Content: Weapons Pack - A selection of weapons to help Lara survive against the island’s inhabitants. 

    Collector’s Edition
    The Collector’s Edition will include every item from the Survival Editions in addition to:

    • Play Arts Kai Lara Croft Figurine: Fully posable figurine with over 40 points of articulation. The dirt on her body and clothes has been realistically recreated to tell the tale of Lara’s fierce fight for survival on a desolate island. Comes with alternate set of three (3) hands, bow and arrow, shotgun, handgun, and climbing axe. Figure Size: Approx 8.0” Tall.
    • Endurance Survival Kit Packaging: A survival tin salvaged from the ill-fated Endurance. The tin houses a copy of the game and the Lara Croft Play Arts Kai figure.

    The Survival and Collector’s Editions will be available in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. We also just revealed the North American Collector’s Edition.

    For more information and regular updates of our pre-order and promotional offers worldwide, visit the Tomb Raider Pre-order hub at

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    Best looking controller I’ve purchased thus far.

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    oh wow the Jolteon and Rapidash ones are amazing!

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